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Welcome To Destination Kajol (DK)
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Dedicated to my loving sister who is currently studying in IISC, Bangalore
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the next update for the whole Destination Bollywood will be done after September 16th of unavoidable circumstances. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Destination Kajol Opens
Kajol is the Best Actress in Bollywood. A poll conducted on Destination Shahrukh revealed that fans wanted Destination Kajol to be opened! I'm glad to open Destination Kajol exclusively for Kajol & her fans! Please give me some time to add more sections to this site. Thank You.
Are you just crazy of Kajol? Then post your views and dreams about her in the forum section!
Smashits & Destination Bollywood bring you online music!
Smashits has been providing Destination Shahrukh its music page, now it is providing the whole Destination Bollywood its music! Destination Bollywood is really thankful to Smashits! (COMING SOON)
Destination Bollywood- a cluster of sites!
Destination Bollywood currently contains three sites namely: Destination Shahrukh, Destination Kajol & Destination Bollywood Awards. Destination Bollywood is planning launch more number of sites in the future!


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